Topics that the author considers absurd, and subjects where we should know better, but went along with it anyway.

Patently Absurd

I admit, there are just a few things that crawl all over me. Insurance and Patents are two of them. While I would love to go into a longwinded diatribe about the evils of insurance, I have some thoughts on patent policy that I just need to put out there. I am absolutely all for corporate and individual innovations, and I firmly believe that any original innovation needs to be protected from rip-off artists and scammers. The people and products on the bleeding edge of innovation are bastards when it comes to pirating and intellectual property theft.


Security- but at what price?

I have been watching the recent publicity stunts by the likes of Anonymous and Lulzsec. Publishing usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, and email addresses from some of the biggest names in technology. Entertainment companies, military contractors, banks. You would think the victims would know better, but I think the reality of the perpetrators advanced techniques and net stealth has shaken them to the core. This is digital terrorism, plain and simple.